Our Fibers and Yarns - behind the scenes

Egyptian Cotton - one of the best cottons in the world.  

Regular cotton is 1.2 inch long in fiber length, vs. Egyptian cotton at 1.5 inch on average.  Cotton yarns are produced by bundling fibers together thru combing process before spun into yarns.  Longer fibers in bundle naturally yields higher tenacity or break strength than bundles with shorter fibers.   Hence, Egyptian cotton is without contest a far superior quality yarn than the average cotton fiber by its natural characteristics.  At Mineola knitting Company, our Giza 86 Egyptian cotton plied yarns are spun in Egypt to our spec with local grown Egyptian cotton fibers.    


Extra Fine Italian Merino Wool – Machine Washable & will not itch.

Wool fibers are measured by its thickness in microns.  The smaller the microns, the softer and more expensive the fiber is.   Cashmere (14 microns on average) is commonly perceived to be the ultimate luxury animal fiber but also comes with a steep price tag.   We chose extra fine merino wool in 19.5 microns for its ultra-softness, vs. regular Merino Wool in 21 microns that most brands use.  Comparing to other premium animal fibers, such as Baby-Alpaca fibers in 21 microns or Shetland Wools in 23 microns that may be itchy to most, our extra fine Merino wool will NOT itch, and is perfectly soft and voluminous to the touch.   Our Merino wool yarns are sourced from Italian legacy spinning mills, mostly spun and dyed in Italy, with a few mélange colors from Bulgaria.   All of our yarns are treated for easy-care application and are household Machine-Washable, however, MUST be in low heat temperature settings
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