What Sets Us Apart, and Why are we different

Our attention to every stitch, knitting tensions, take-up’s and bind-off’s are well reflected in the quality of every piece of our throw blankets.  From the selection of materials to the finishing touches, we made sure every blanket proudly represents our name.


What Sets Us Apart, and Why are we different....

We are true experts in our fields

Our partnership is built on 42+ years of experience in knitting, plus 26+ years in textile materials, which gave us the foundation in building superior-quality blankets.

Our Fibers and Yarns

Our 60+ years of combined experience in textiles affords us the knowledge and expertise in choosing the highest quality fibers and yarns sourced from reputable spinners worldwide.

Our Throw Blankets are made-to-Order only

Nothing pre-made in mass.  We produce only against orders, which affords us the option in offering personalization on our blankets.  If you prefer color combinations not shown and wish to play designers of your own blanket, feel free to let us know.

On-Demand Production

We are unconventional.  Unlike those imports produced in mass and fast fashion that often create wastes that go into landfill, we craft true heirloom quality textiles that will be forever treasured.  We believe that our Made-to-Order practice is the ultimate answer for being environmentally responsible.  

We are truly manufacturer-direct, and local too.

We appreciate and are extremely proud of our team.  Every blanket is crafted locally in Long Island, New York, direct from our factory to your home.

Still Not Convinced?

Feel free to call us, or better yet, stop in to see your blanket in production.  Perhaps, you might want to finish your own blanket with a few stitches of your own.    


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